Fellowship Opportunities

Members of ACMQ who meet the necessary criteria may be eligible for the designation Fellow of the American College of Medical Quality, after three years of membership, or Distinguished Fellow after eight years of membership.

Requirements for Fellowship

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  1. Active physician membership for a minimum of three (3) years;
  2. Attendance at one or more ACMQ national conferences;
  3. Forty (40) continuing education credits earned for sessions related to quality;
  4. Certification from the American Board of Medical Quality (CMQ); Members who joined before March 1, 2008 are exempt from this requirement and may submit a 250-word essay of expertise, knowledge and/or experience in quality; OR reference authorship of one quality-related article, peer reviewed and published;
  5. Maintain CMQ Certification by recertifying every 10 years.
  6. All criteria submitted for eligibility must be dated and must fall within any three-year period;
  7. Review and approval by the Membership Committee, Fellowship Review Subcommittee.

Requirements for Distinguished Fellowship

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  1. Approved as a Fellow of ACMQ, see criteria above;
  2. Active physician membership for a minimum of eight (8) years;
  3. Attendance at two or more ACMQ national conferences;
  4. One hundred and twenty (120) continuing education credits earned for sessions related to quality;
  5. Certification in Quality Management awarded by the American Board of Medical Quality; OR Fellowship or training in quality management; OR employment/teaching in quality management for at least one year; OR authorship of two quality-related articles, peer reviewed and published; OR authorship of one book chapter, quality related;
  6. All criteria submitted for eligibility must be dated and may fall within any five-year period after successfully completing and submitting the criteria for Fellowship, see above;
  7. Review and recommendation by the Membership Committee;
  8. Review and approval by the Board of Trustees.
  9. Certificates are presented to successful applicants at the annual awards luncheon.

Please contact acmq@acmq.org or call 301-718-6516 for more information.

Distinguished Fellows

William Scot Bell, MD
Harold J. Bowersox, DO
Paul K. Bronston, MD
Donald Casey, MD
Beverly A. Collins, MD, MBA
Joseph M. Degulis, MD
Robert H. Digby, MD
Melvyn Friedman, DO
Samuel J. Garloff, DO
Angelo Giardino, MD, PhD
Paul Gitman, MD, CMQ
Mark E. Granoff, MD, PhD, MPH
Donald S. Huge, MD
Edward D. Hutt, MD, MBA
Vance Jackson, MD
Alan Krumholz, MD
Marcos F. Lorenzo, MD
Francis J. Lumia, MD
Charles McCannon, MD, MBA, MPH
John J. Mitcherling, DDS
William W. Mitcherling, DDS
David H. Ng, MD, MBA, CMQ
Arthur L. Pelberg, MD, MPA, CMQ
Robert F. Pendrak, MD
John Saalwaechter, MD, MBA
Arthur C. Schenck, DO
John F. Vigorita, MD, MHA, CMQ


Stephen Abelow, MD
E. Aguilar
Frederick Aldrich, MD FAAP
Carlo Annese, MD, FACP
Sudhir Bagga, MD
Walter Baigelman, MD
Michael Beams, DO
Geni A. Bennetts, MD
Donald Bignotti, MD
Martin Blume, DO
Arnold Brender, MD
Fred Bromberg, MD
Robert Brustowicz, MD
James Busby, MD
Julia Caldwell, MD
Angelo A. Caprio, MD, MMM
Richard Chung
Fred Cohen, MD
Homi Cooper, MD
Kenneth Corre, MD
Raymond Crawford, MD
James Cross, MD
Richard DiPietro, DO
Steven Dorfman, MD
Mary Fermazin, MD, MPA
Angelo Giardino, MD, PhD
Gary Goldstein, MD
Elder Granger, MD, PhD
Vincent Granowicz, DO
Patrick Hanford, DO
Harvey Harmon, MD
Richard J. Hodach, MD, PhD, MPH
Rene Hasbun-Babich, MD
Henry C.L. Johnson, Jr., MD
John Houck, MD
John Jones, MD
Suresh Katakkar
John Kelly, MD, PhD
Randall Kelly, MD
Waseem A. Khawaja, MD, FACEP
Robert A. Klugman, MD
Joel Levin, MD
Claudio Loffreda-Mancinelli, MD, MMM
Mark Lyles, MD, MBA
Robert Masterson, DO
Merle McAlevy, MD
Claire Meehan, MD
Thomas Meehan, MD, MPH
William Monnig, MD
David B. Nash, MD, MBA
Fred Nicolas, MD
Kenneth Patric, MD
James D. Perkins, MD
Michael S. Perkins, MD, MPH
Luis Prado, MBBS
Alex Rodriguez, MD
Michael Shannon, MD
Jacque Sokolov
Robert Sorrenti, MD
Mark Souder, MD
Lawrence Spitz, MD
Dennis Watson, DO, MMM
Dan Westphal, MD, MBA
Dierdre Wheat, MD, MPH, MMedSci
John Whitecar Jr., MD
William L. Williams, MD
Glenn Wishon, MD
Tito Yao, MD, SC

Retired Fellows

Jose Ante, MD
Susan Carlson, MD
Joseph J. Colella, MD
Julius V Combs, MD
Melvyn Friedman, DO
John Heryer, MD
Burton Jay
A. Ralph Kristeller, MD, MS, FA
Alan Krumholz, MD
Irwin Lilenfield, DO
David Lyon, MD, MPH
JoAnn Narduzzi, MD
Robert Pendrak, MD
Arthur Schenk, DO
Barbara Shelton, MD
Terry J. Sutton, MD