CMQ Certification

How to Become Certified: For Individuals

The American College of Medical Quality is pleased to offer physicians and other eligible professional candidates a certification exam to test basic knowledge in medical quality management. To date, more than 500 individual candidates have been granted their CMQ (Certified in Medical Quality) designation, based on their credentials, experience, and exam performance. Successful candidates will gain the designation of Certified in Medical Quality (CMQ). Candidates will be contacted within 6 weeks of the exam date regarding results.

To apply for the exam, please check back for the online application.

Please direct any questions to [email protected].

Exam Eligibility:

One of the following pathways must be met. The board exam applications requires description and/or documentation of expertise and experience in quality improvement work.

Have an MD or DO with an active unrestricted license to practice and expertise/experience in using the principles of quality to improve clinical practice.

Healthcare Doctorate:
Have a PhD, DNP, JD in Health Law, DDS, DMD, or other doctorate in a health-related field, with expertise/experience in using the principles of quality improvement.

Have an MPH, MPA, MSc, MBA, MSN, or other masters' degree, with expertise/experience in using the principles of quality improvement.

ACMQ Quality Scholar:
Medical students, residents, or fellows who have been awarded the status of Quality Scholar by the American College of Medical Quality. 

Have a minimum BSN degree and working in healthcare management for five years.

Allied Health Professionals:
Have a bachelor's degree working in a healthcare quality supervisory / leadership role for five years.

If you do not fit the criteria above, you may submit a written statement, to be reviewed by the Exam Committee; showing proof of (1) training or participation in healthcare quality improvement educational activities, or (2) expertise in quality management, measurement, assessment, and improvement, or (3) full membership and participation in the American College of Medical Quality. Applicants will be contacted once a determination has been made.

Exam Application

CMQ Exam application information coming soon.

Recertification Eligibility

Re-certification is required five years after the initial certification, and every ten years thereafter.  Exam details can be found above.

To renew certification applicants must do one of the following:

  • Take the examination.

  • Provide proof of 15hrs CME or the equivalent with 10hrs focused on quality and/or patient safety including ACMQ Seminars.

  • Have attended 4 of the last 5 Annual ACMQ meetings.

To Recertify without taking the CMQ Exam:

  • Email [email protected] with the necessary documents needed to receive approval.
  • You should receive a confirmation email from ACMQ within (2) weeks.
  • Once you receive the confirmation email from ACMQ, you will then receive a link for payment.
  • After payment is received, a CMQ Certificate will be emailed to you within (2) weeks.

Exam Format

Candidates are given 2 hours to complete the exam, which is a proctored, via electronically or in person, multiple-choice examination of 100 questions. ACMQ recommends candidates study the ACMQ textbook, Medical Quality Management: Theory and Practice.

Exam Fees

Special discount pricing offered to:

  • ACMQ SRF Members
  • Abstract Authors
  • Katim Scholars
  • Quality Scholars

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

ACMQ Membership Discount

Stay on top of the rapidly evolving medical quality environment through a membership in the American College of Medical Quality. Those who receive their CMQ are eligible for 15% off ACMQ membership dues. As an ACMQ member, you enjoy savings on CMQ re-certification exams and study materials, exclusive pricing and access to ACMQ events, resources and programs, and the ability to connect meaningfully with experts in your field. If you’re already an ACMQ member and applying for your CMQ for the first time, you receive $100 off the CMQ exam fee.

How to Become Certified: For Institutions

In addition to individual credentialing and assessment of medical quality knowledge, the certifying examination is offered to educational institutions and other organizations for use as an educational needs assessment tool. With health care reform initiatives, ACGME requirements, and competition increasingly focused on quality, knowing the knowledge level of your medical staff and institutions’ physicians in training is critical. Your review of the examination data can facilitate clinical quality improvement: Executive leadership of multi-hospital healthcare systems and health plans can utilize ACMQ data to assess the level of quality management knowledge of their medical directors; Program directors and executive leadership of educational institutions with large residency and fellowship programs can utilize ACMQ data to assess the strengths and gaps in quality management knowledge, modify teaching methods, create effective curriculum, and demonstrate resident and fellow competency in medical quality improvement. Request and arrangements for exam details and analysis of organizational/institutional candidates can be made through Rosaleen Tully, Executive Director ([email protected]).

Policies and Disclaimers

For policies, please refer to the details here.


The following resources are available for your review.


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