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ACMQ Mission, Vision, & Values

Our Mission 

The mission of the American College of Medical Quality (ACMQ) is to provide leadership and education to the field of healthcare quality management. ACMQ is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded in 1973. 

Our Vision 

ACMQ is the organization for healthcare professionals responsible for providing leadership in quality and safety outcomes, who want or need the tools, experience and expertise to improve the quality and safety of patient care. 

Our Values

  • To educate and provide a forum for healthcare professionals, government agencies, and other regulatory bodies involved in medical quality management; 

  • To provide a core body of knowledge to healthcare professionals in the field of medical quality management; 

  • To elevate the standards of medical schools and post-graduate education in medical quality management; 

  • To conduct and sponsor ongoing research and evaluation in the various fields of medical quality. 


The American College of Medical Quality represents medical quality professional leaders from health systems, academia, public health, healthcare payers, life sciences, government, and other healthcare settings across the United States and internationally. 

Our Value Proposition to Partners 

  1. Collaboration to influence education, advocacy, quality outcomes, and thought leadership. 

  2. A seat at the table to develop meaningful and long-lasting relationships with ACMQ leaders. 

  3. Opportunity to develop innovative programs and services to improve medical quality and patient care. 

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